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(2021.05. 27) Lula Zeng and Zhiwei Chen successfully defended their MSc thesis, congratulations!

(2021.05.17) Kang Jiang gives an oral talk in "2021全国电化学能量转换与存储材料学术会议" held in Chong Qing.

(2021.05.13) BON nanozyme: A new efficient anticancer mechanism discovered for BN nanomedicines.

(2021.05.11) Miniaturized lithium-ion microbatteries as micropower sources often have considerable footprint areas and low areal energy densities and lack effective packaging technologies. We propose a tube-in-tube configuration for microbatteries and achieve a small packaging footprint and high packaged areal energy density. Reported by X-MOL.

"Vebleo Fellow recognizes researcher or scientist who has prominence and leadership in the field of science, engineering, and technology. This recognition serves to honour and acknowledge their career achievement."

(2021.02.19) BN ceramic aerogel composed of porous BN fibers realizes >99% Microcystis and >98% E. coli cell removals from water.

(2021.02.19) Engraving soft template is a simple and powerful strategy for fabrications of zinc ion microbatteries featured with various shapes on different substrates. See details here.

                     Reported by Materials Views China.

(2020.10.16) Carbon and oxygen co-doping of BN realizes boosting affinities for hydrogen storage. The co-doped BN with the specific surface area of only 397 m2 g-1 shows higher H2 storage capacity compared with those of the undoped BNs having the SSA up to 1290 m2 g-1. See details in "Hydrogen Storage in Carbon and Oxygen Co-Doped Porous Boron Nitrides".

                     Reported by Materials Views China.

(2019.10.21) Invited review on Miniaturized Energy Storage Devices.

(2018.05.30) Invited Progress Reports on electronic and optical properties of 2D mateirals contructed from light atoms.

(2018.05.22) Charge polarized carbon shells are found not only can stabilize the catalyst particles but also improve the catalytic activities for water splitting! Hilights in In Nano.

(2017.08.16) The 3rd International Symposium of Advanced Inorganic Materials.

(2017.04.30) My website opens, welcome to visit!




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