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  Light atoms, such like boron, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, can form various building blocks that could be used for further construction of many materials. These atoms locate at the neighboring positions at the second row of the periodic table, which are close with each other and can effectively form conjugated structures. It is expected that the structures and properties of this type of materials are highly tunable through rational designs.
  We focus on the material engineering based on these light atoms for the purpose of realizing a wide-range electronic/band property tuning, from insulators (e. g. h-BN), semiconductors (carbon nitride) to conductors (carbon). This should be of fundamental importance in understanding many other interesting properties for a material, including optical, electrical, transport, optoelectrical properties, etc. We explore these materials for energy storage, luminescence, photoelectrical conversion applications.



(2018.07.01) Open positions are availale in our group for Postdoc Researchers and Research Associates.

(2018.05.30) Invited Progress Reports on electronic and optical properties of 2D mateirals contructed from light atoms.

(2018.05.22) Charge polarized carbon shells are found not only can stabilize the catalyst particles but also improve the catalytic activities for water splitting! Hilights in In Nano.

(2017.08.16) The 3rd International Symposium of Advanced Inorganic Materials.

(2017.04.30) My website opens, welcome to visit!


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