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Before 2015

1. One-Step Template-Free Synthesis of Highly Porous Boron Nitride Microsponges for Hydrogen Storage (Develop porous hBNs with the specific surface area up to 1900 m2/g)
Weng, Q. H.*, Wang, X., Bando, Y., Golberg, D.* Adv. Energy Mater. 2014, 4, 1301525.

2. Highly Water-Soluble, Porous, and Biocompatible Boron Nitrides for Anticancer Drug Delivery (A non-classcial functionalization way was proposed to efficiently synthesize highly hydroxlyated hBNs)
Weng, Q. H.*; Wang, B. J.; Wang, X. B.; Hanagata, N.; Li, X.*; Liu, D. Q.; Wang, X.; Jiang, X. F., Zhi, C. Y., Bando, Y.; Golberg, D.* ACS Nano, 2014, 8, 6123–6130.

3. Biomass-Directed Synthesis of 20 g High-Quality Boron Nitride Nanosheets for Thermoconductive Polymeric Composites
Wang, X. B; Weng, Q. H.; Wang X.; Li, X.; Zhang, J.; Liu, F.; Jiang, X. F.; Guo, H. X.; Xu. N. S.; Bando, Y.; Golberg, D. ACS Nano, 2014, 8, 9081–9088.

4.  Atomistic Origins of High Rate Capability and Capacity of N-Doped Graphene for Lithium Storage
Wang, X.; Weng, Q. H.; Liu, X.; Wang, X.; Tang, D.; Tian, W.; Zhang, C.; Yi, W.; Liu, D.; Bando, Y.; Golberg, D. Nano Lett., 2014, 14, 1164–1171.

5. Magnetically Assembled Ni@Ag Urchin-Like Ensembles with Ultra-Sharp Tips and Numerous Gaps for SERS Applications
Liu, D.; Wang, X.; He, D.; Dao, T. D.; Nagao, T.; Weng, Q. H.; Tang, D.; Wang, X.; Tian, W.; Golberg, D.; Bando, Y. Small 2014, 10, 2564–2569.

6.  Boron Nitride Porous Microbelts for Hydrogen Storage (The first hBN with the specific surface area >1000 m2/g)
Weng, Q. H.*; Wang, X. B.; Zhi, C. Y.; Bando, Y.; Golberg. D.* ACS Nano, 2013, 7, 1558–1565.

7.  Preparation and Hydrogen Sorption Performances of BCNO Porous Microbelts with Ultra-Narrow and Tunable Pore Widths
Weng, Q. H.*; Wang, X. B.; Wang, X.; Liu, D. Q.; Jiang, X. F.; Zhi, C. Y.; Bando, Y.; Golberg, D.* Chem. Asian J. 2013, 8, 2936–2939. (Journal issue inside cover paper)

8. Three-Dimensional Strutted Graphene Grown by Substrate-Free Sugar Blowing for High-Power-Density Supercapacitors
Wang, X. B.; Zhang, Y.; Zhi, C. Y.; Wang, X.; Tang, D. M.; Xu, Y. B.; Weng, Q. H.; Jiang, X. F.; Mitome, M.; Golberg, D.; Bando, Y. Nat. Commun., 2013, 4, 2905.

9.  Boron Nitride Nanosheets: Novel Syntheses and Applications in Polymeric Composites
Wang, X. B.; Zhi, C.Y.; Weng, Q. H.; Bando, Y.; Golberg, D. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 2013. 471. 012003.

10. Large-Surface-Area BN Nanosheets and Their Utilization in Polymeric Composites with Improved Thermal and Dielectric Properties 
Wang, X. B.; Pakdel, A.; Zhang, J.; Weng, Q. H.; Zhai, T. Y.; Zhi, C.Y.; Golberg, D.; Bando, D. Nanoscale Res. Lett. 2012, 7, 662.

11. Combustion Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of the Small Hydrofullerene C50H10
Chen, J. H.; Gao, Z. Y.; Weng, Q. H.; Jiang, W. S.; He, Q.; Liang, H.; Deng, L. L.; Xie, S. L.; Huang, H. Y.; Lu, X.; Xie, S. Y.; Shi, K.; Huang, R. B.; Zheng, L. S. Chem. Eur. J., 2012, 18, 3408–3415.

12. Separation and Characterization of C70(C14H10) and C70(C5H6) from an Acetylene–Benzene–Oxygen Flame
Weng, Q. H.; He, Q.; Sun, D.; Huang, H. Y.; Xie, S. Y.; Lu, X.; Huang, R. B.; Zheng, L. S. J. Phys. Chem. C 2011, 115, 11016–11022.

13. Simple Combustion Production and Characterization of Octahydro[60]fullerene with a Non-IPR C60 Cage
Weng, Q. H.; He, Q.; Liu, T.; Huang, H. Y.; Chen, J. H.; Gao, Z. Y.; Xie, S. Y.; Lu, X.; Huang, R. B.; Zheng, L. S. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132, 15093–15095.



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